Traditional country singer-songwriter ​C.J. Garton is a 6th generation rancher with Cherokee blood running through his veins, and still lives on a cattle ranch that was founded by his family during America’s land rush in the late 1800’s, just outside of Bristow, Oklahoma.  C.J. is a consummate cowboy in well-worn boots, schooled in the kind of life that rises with the sun and is sustained by the land.  A life like this inevitably shapes a man into a natural storyteller which just so happens to be the very foundation the Red Dirt music scene was built upon. C.J. Garton is a proud descendant of that Oklahoma soil and the unprocessed music that grows out of it.  His songs are, by definition, working man’s music; all heart with an honest story behind them. It was never a path he chose to take; it’s just the way he was born. For years he has split his time between his home in Oklahoma and the one in Nashville where his songwriting savvy has been embraced by artists like Tanya Tucker (“Scars”), David Alan Coe (“Scars” & “There’s No Holes In These Hands”), Struggle and Whey Jennings (“The Gun” & “I Went Crazy”), and Daryl Singletary (“Unlikely Angels”).