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Brei Carter
Determined, sweet, passionate, and vivacious are just a few words one would use to describe Brei Carter. Born in Monroe, Louisiana Brei is a singer-songwriter who brings a sound to country music in a way that only she can. Inspired by those around her, Brei was destined to be a country music star or a star of any kind. From spending days with her father singing songs by Charley Pride, to watching her aunt sing in her own country music group. She even watched her distant relatives fulfill their dreams and knew her time to shine would soon come. Brei was determined to use the skills she learned in her Church choir and from those she loved to bring her dreams of being the next big name in country to life. With songs like "Country Choir," "Smiling" and "Back Porch Loving," Brei brings a smooth, soulful, and sometimes edgy sound which listeners love instantly. With her style and charisma being the icing on top of it all, Brei is the Country music star we have all been searching for and we can proudly say we’ve finally found.

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