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IMAJ is a Country singer-songwriter and humanitarian. She was born in Miami Beach, Florida as an only girl of five children to her father, 80's TV icon Philip Michael Thomas (Tubbs, Miami Vice) and her angel mother. She's always had an affinity for the arts, as art touches you in a way that's all-at-once understood yet unexplainable. Painting, writing and singing was the estuary to love of story and song, which led to her love of traditional Country music. She adores the depth of Johnny Cash, the humor of Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn's strength, Hank Sr.'s lonesome lyrics, the gentleness of Charley Pride, Patsy Cline's lilting voice and so much more. And there's just something about the sound of Country. The elegance of the fiddle, a tremolo's resonance, a silverly steel... Simply put, it all captivated her heart and she's been performing ever since. IMAJ had the honor of being a special guest of and touring with sweet Collin Raye, big teddybear Billy Dean, kind-hearted Gretchen Wilson, golf-loving Clay Walker, wonderful Lorrie Morgan, hilarious Neal McCoy, cool Kip Moore and the beautiful LeAnn Rimes.

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