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Jesse Kramer
Jesse Kramer is a multi-faceted singer and songwriter from Indianapolis who is determined to kick-start the rebirth of rock n’ roll for the modern world. Now residing and working out of Nashville, the up-and-coming 24 year old aspiring musician perfectly balances elements of rock n’ roll, soul and R&B music, something he now refers to as “The Jesse Kramer Sound.” With recent appearances on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, and FOX’s The Four: Battle For Stardom, music fans across America were introduced to Jesse’s gritty and truly genuine style of showmanship. With an arsenal of more than 100 originally composed songs, Kramer stays busy writing, recording and producing his own music from his Nashville home studio. Jesse has only scratched the surface to introducing the creative genius within to his growing legion of fans. In 2019 he released his first EP of originals, Breakthrough, along with his second in 2020, Quarantunes (part 1/2). In the Fall of 2020, Jesse will drop two new singles, and once again prove to music fans around the world that rock n’ roll is not dead.

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