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Looking forward to continuing to work together in 2024 to bring great music and stories to your audiences. I am sending along some preview links and information on a few new music projects I am currently working on. Prepare to be impressed by what you hear, see and the backstories behind the songs. 

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Whey Jennings

“Amazing Grace” (single)
Genre: Classic Country, Gospel

Country singer-songwriter Whey Jennings will release a second holiday season inspired single this Friday, January 12, with a remake of John Newton’s classic Christian Hymn, “Amazing Grace.” Out by Dirt Rock Empire, Jennings soothes his listener with his acoustic rendition of the hymn, continuing his work with renowned Nashville Music Producer and Composer Gary Carter leading the production. Carter, whose credits include Faith Hill, Marty Stuart and Randy Travis, also produced Jennings’ critically acclaimed 2023 EP,  Just Before The Dawn.

“‘Amazing Grace’ is a beautiful and spiritual song that has touched my soul for as long as I can remember,” Jennings said. “It’s a song that I’ve always felt the need to record, and this just seemed like the right time to finally do that, given everything that’s happened in my own life over the last few years.”

Released: Jan. 12, 2024
Official lyric video: YouTube
Single artwork: view/download
Songwriter: John Newton
Record label: Dirt Rock Empire
Audio produced by: Gary Carter

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Brei Carter

“Boots Get To Talking” (single)
Genre: New Country, Pop, Dance

“…sprightly vocal and an accompanying harmonica workout. Get up and shake it.” 
— Robert K. Oermann,
Music Row

“…delectable blend of country, R&B, blues-rock, Cajun and disco reference points.” 
Wide Open Country

Country soul singer-songwriter Brei Carter celebrates the beginning of Black History Month with a new single release, a genre-bending song collaboration with her musical pal, DJ and Producer, Elektrohorse. Dubbed “Boots Get To Talking,” [Pre-Save/Stream] Elektrohorse mashes up and layers in musical elements and themes of R&B, Hip-Hop and Dance into Carter’s established Country musical backbone, and creating a fun dance song that will have her fans up on their feet in no time. 

“This song is a celebration of my beginnings, my journey with cherished memories of my birthplace,” said Carter. “It’s like an ode to the roots that have shaped me, and all the familial bonds that have been my foundation, with love, laughter, family gatherings and the good times. It’s my new anthem and I call it home!”

Due out:  January 25, 2024
Music Video: YouTube
Single artwork: view/download
Songwriters: Brei Carter, Elektrohorse, Floyd Hollaway, Ray Seay
Record label: Independent
Audio & video produced by: Elektrohorse

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Ben Fugate & The Burning Trash Band

Self-titled (EP)
Genre: Classic Country, Honky-Tonk

“With a voice steeped in the rich tradition of country crooners and a spirit as untamed as the rolling hills of Kentucky, Fugate epitomizes the essence of honky-tonk authenticity.”
— Emily Donohue, Lexington Living Magazine

Honky-tonk country traditionalist and Appalachian singer-songwriter Ben Fugate & The Burning Trash Band are excited to announce their new eight song self-titled EP from Louisville-based sonaBLAST! Records, due out on Friday, April 12. Leading up to that release date, the Eastern Kentucky sextet will release the EP’s first two singles, a rerecording of Fugate’s signature song “Dream Song #1” on February 09, followed by the quirky tale of running into the law on “County Fuzz” on March 08, the latter which Fugate is planning to shoot his first ever music video for.

“This album is a big departure from my garage days with just one mic,” said Fugate. “We aimed to reflect our unique sound, while drawing inspiration from country legends, and I believe we’ve captured that essence!”

Due out: April 12, 2024
*PRIVATE* preview link: Soundcloud
EP artwork: view/download
Songwriters: Ben Fugate, Kevin Howard, Derek Mullins
Record label: SonaBlast! Records
Audio produced by: Anne Gauthier at La La Land

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The Hill

Get In Line (album)
Genre: Americana, AAA

Americana and modern Folk singer-songwriter project The Hill founded by Jon Kowit announces the release of their debut album, Get In Line, due out April 02 digitally by Forty4 Music [Pre-save/Pre-add here]. The album’s first teaser single “Dent” and its accompanying lyric video will become available on March 21. The songs written by Jon Kowit, a former indie record store (Main Street Music) employee and indie label owner (Ascend Records) were written over decades, but had never been shared or performed. Then came a fortuitous set of circumstances in 2023 that reconnected Kowit with  established Philadelphian musician and producer Mike “Slo-Mo” Brenner, who has now brought Kowit’s songs to recorded perfection. 

Due out: April 02, 2024
*PRIVATE* preview link: Soundcloud
PlayMPE: Download/Stream
Album artwork: view/download
Songwriters: Jon Kowit
Record label: Independent
Audio produced by: Mike “Slo-Mo Brenner at Slo-Mo Central and Spice House Sound

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