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Out Now: Singer-Songwriter Tom Wopat Releases New Album ‘Simple Man’

“Tom Wopat shows that he is anything but “A Simple Man” with this great new album of music.  The simple and honest lyrics and production speak to Tom’s talent as singer, songwriter, and entertainer.  He keeps getting better.”
— Eric Dahl, Fox 17 Nashville’s ‘Rock & Review’

“Wopat’s earnest vocals shine.”
— Bethany Bowman, Main Street Nashville 

Listen now at ffm.to/simpleman; WAV files available to radio programmers, email request to jwa@jwamedia.com

Previewed new music on WSM & Circle TV Network’s ‘Coffee, Country & Cody’ with appearances on Fox 17’s Rock & Review, WSMV-TV’s “Today In Nashville”,” The Dr. Ward Bond Show, WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour and more

Christmas at Cooter’s Place set for Dec. 17 & 18 in Luray, Va.

NEW YORK, N.Y. (Dec. 16, 2022) -Singer-songwriter Tom Wopat announces the release of his 13th studio album, Simple Man, across all major digital music streaming platforms (ffm.to/simpleman), with physical album copies also available for sale now at tom-wopat.myshopify.com/products/simple-man, or at his upcoming shows and appearances.

Wopat called upon his longtime band which included producer and bassist David Finck, who co-produced and recorded Simple Man alongside Wopat, their 4th studio collaboration together. The longtime music pals birthed Simple Man in a private New York City studio in October with producer and musician Joel Arnow and sound engineer Roy Hendrickson also with production credits.

“First and foremost, it is verified that Tom and I work well together,” said David Finck. “I knew this. Tom and I react and respond similarly to music. These factors combined with Tom’s strong work ethic and fantastic sense of humor allow for a recording process that can only result in a wonderful listening experience.” 

Surrounded by his band of more than 20 years, Simple Man is a 13-track pleasureful mixture of songs with musical elements that range from country, blues, jazz, to Americana. Simple Man contains Wopat originals like the smooth country blues on “County Line,” the album’s focus track and namesake of his current movie trilogy. There’s also several tributes to iconic songwriters like Graham Nash on the title track of “Simple Man,” James Taylor’s “Copperline” and “Frozen Man,” a Stephen Stills meets Bill Withers mashup of “Use Me / For What It’s Worth” and a jazzy take on a Shawn Colvin tune, “Riding Shotgun Down The Avalanche.”

“First of all, I’ve come to realize that a recording like this is truly a collective effort,” Wopat said. “I serve primarily as the instigator, but the real talent lies with those around me who facilitate what I’m trying to express. David Finck on bass, Tedd Firth on piano, and Peter Grant on drums, have been my “A” trio for over 20 years. I convened the four of us for a couple rehearsals, and we settled on some fairly disparate material, mostly songs we’ve worked up live, with a few unfamiliar selections thrown in for good measure.”

Media & Promotional Appearances + Christmas at Cooter’s Place, Dec. 17 & 18:
Tom Wopat previewed the title track and “County Line” from Simple Man live on WSM Radio & Circle TV Network’s “Coffee, Country & Cody” on October 27, and recently on December 12 for the 2022 season encore taping of the WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour broadcast (watch Livestream) at Lyric Theater in Lexington, Kentucky where he shared the stage with hit country songwriters Billy Dean and Paul Overstreet. Other promotional appearances include Fox 17 Nashville’s “Rock & Review” with Eric Dahl, Today In Nashville on WSMV-TV with Carole Sullivan, The Dr. Ward Bond Show, and Racing Country Radio with Cathy Martindale.

On December 17-18 Wopat will host a FREE Christmas concert at Cooter’s Place in Luray, Virginia where fans will be among the first to get their hands on autographed physical copies of the new album Simple Man, along with enjoying homemade Christmas cookies made by Tom. To avoid capacity issues, RSVP is strongly encouraged at cootersplace.com.

Album name: Simple Man
Digital / Physical release: December 16, 2022
Album audio producer(s): David Finck, Tom Wopat, Joel Arnow
Buy/Stream/Listen: ffm.to/simpleman or tom-wopat.myshopify.com/products/simple-man

Track Listing & Songwriters: 

  1. Simple Man (Graham Nash)
  2. Riding Shotgun Down The Avalanche (Shawn Colvin, John Leventhal)
  3. County Line (Tom Wopat)
  4. Look Around (Cy Coleman, Betty Comden, Adolph Green)
  5. Frozen Man (James Taylor)
  6. Step In The Right Direction (Tom Wopat, Robert Byrne, Richard Bowles)
  7. Wait For It (Lin Manuel-Miranda)
  8. Why Is The Moon So Blue (Rhonda Coullet)
  9. Leave It Like It Is (David Wilcox)
  10. Use Me / For What It’s Worth (Bill Withers, Stephen Stills)
  11. Rita (Wiley Porter)
  12. Copperline (James Taylor)
  13. If I Had Only Known (Craig Morris, Jana Steinfeld)

New Movie, County Line: All In premiered Nov. 19 on INSP
Tom Wopat is also a Tony nominated Broadway performer and iconic television actor from the hit CBS-TV series The Dukes of Hazzard, with supporting roles in Longmire, Django Unchained, Taking Chance and many more. Wopat also stars in the County Line movie series: County Line, County Line: All In, and County Line: No Fear, which are produced by INSP Films and distributed by Imagicomm Entertainment. For additional information, please visit imagicommentertainment.com/films

Tom Wopat Shows & Appearances:
(2022) DEC 17-18 – Christmas at Cooter’s Place / Luray, Va.
(2023) JAN 13 – 63rd Annual Cavalcade of Customs Car Show / Cincinnati, Oh.
(2023) MAR 04-05 Diecast Super Convention Car Show / Las Vegas, Nev.
** For Tom Wopat’s most updated tour and appearance schedule visit TomWopat.com or follow on BandsInTown. 

About Tom Wopat:
It’s been several decades since the General Lee first left the ground, sky-rocketing Tom Wopat and co-star John Schneider to instant Dukes of Hazzard stardom. In the 43 years since, Wopat has been blessed with a multifaceted career that has ranged from starring roles on Broadway, various television appearances, singing in such venues as The Ol’ Opera, Carnegie Hall, The Grand Ole Opry, and the Hollywood Bowl, to a featured role in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. Most recently he is finishing up a new recording project, a CD entitled Simple Man, a 14 song collection that will be his 13th solo release. Also, on the horizon is the premiere of the second movie of his County Line trilogy, County Line: All In, for the Inspiration Network. The third film, County Line: No Fear is due in early 2023. Recently starring on the TV series, Black List, which features James Spader, Wopat quipped “I enjoy keeping a lot of balls in the air.” Tom was a staple on the Broadway stage for 35 years, garnering a pair of Tony nominations along the way. Long known for his musical leading man abilities, Wopat also was critically acclaimed for his dramatic work in The Trip to Bountiful and Glenn Gary Glenn Ross. But currently it’s his work in the studio and on the road with some of the most talented musicians in the world that has provided Tom the most satisfaction.

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Album Art + Photo Downloads:

[Simple Man Album art | Download PNG]

[Simple Man Album art | Download PDF/PNG]

[Oct. 27 Coffee, Country & Cody appearance | (L-R) Bill Cody, Tom Wopat, Kelly Sutton | Photo: Jason W. Ashcraft | Download JPG]

[(L-R) Eric Dahl, Tom Wopat | Photo: Jason W. Ashcraft | Download JPG]

[WoodSongs show #1066 cast photo | Photo: Larry Neuzel / WoodSongs | Download JPG]

[(L-R) Tom Wopat, Carole Sullivan | Photo: Jason W. Ashcraft | Download JPG]

[Dec. 17 & 18 Luray Promo | Download PNG]

[Photo courtesy of Tom Wopat | Download JPG]

[What We’re Known For art | Download JPG]

Out Now: Singer-Songwriter Adam Warner Releases Critically Acclaimed Country & Southern Rock Album, ‘What We’re Known For’

“The U.S. Marine veteran with the killer voice…”
Taste of Country

“Adam Warner is a man who doesn’t believe in half-measures.”
Cowboys & Indians

“Warner poured his heart and soul into the song which doubles as both highly personal and all too relatable, showcasing the true power to connect, hidden within music.”
Worlds of Country 

Plus, music premieres and features by People Magazine, Forbes, RFD-TV, Newsmax, The Tennessee Star and more

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Dec. 16, 2022) – Country and southern rock singer-songwriter, U.S. Marine veteran and patriot, Adam Warner releases his new album What We’re Known For, available everywhere now (orcd.co/qqloabe) by Sunday Supper Records and The Orchard. Warner co-wrote most of the songs on the album on his family’s farm just outside of Lawrenceville, Illinois with songwriting buddies Mark Addison Chandler, Josh Gallagher and Taylor Goyette

What We’re Known For is Warner’s deep dive into exploring southern rock and more modern country sounds than his previous releases. From rowdy southern rock honky tonk anthems like “One Drunk,” to the graceful tugging at his listener’s heartstrings on “Split A Beer,” to Adam showing his unrelenting love for his wife on “Lost In Country Song,” or the Marine veteran honoring the legacy of Charlie Daniels and fundraising for the Journey Home Project on his rocked out version of “Long Haired Country Boy,” What We’re Known For is one of 2022’s most appropriately and authentically named album releases coming out of Nashville.  

“To say I’m excited is an understatement,” said Warner. “My team, the songs, the production, everything is evolving. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Album name: What We’re Known For
Audio release date: Dec. 16, 2022
Media & Radio Listener: promo.theorchard.com
Record label: Sunday Supper Records / The Orchard
Audio produced by: Daniel Dennis
Videos produced by: Karl Weidmann, Josh Mendez

What We’re Known For Track Listing & Songwriters: 

  1. What We’re Known For (Mark Addison Chandler, Matt Williams)
  2. Catchin’ Hell (Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Davis Corley, Josh Gallagher)
  3. Lost In A Country Song (Barrett Baber, John Caldwell, Mark Addison Chandler, Taylor Goyette)
  4. Split A Beer (Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Josh Gallagher, Taylor Goyette)
  5. One Drunk (John Caldwell, Mark Addison Chandler, Davis Corley)
  6. Reason To Redneck (John Caldwell, Mark Addison Chandler, Davis Corley, Dawson Edwards) 
  7. Got Started (Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Lewis Brice, Josh Gallagher)
  8. Like Daddy Did (Adam Warner, Smith Curry, Steven Nix)
  9. First Face (Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Lewis Brice, Josh Gallagher)
  10. Granny’s Lincoln (Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Davis Corley, Josh Gallagher)
  11. Long Haired Country Boy (Charlie Daniels)
  12. Goodbye Hometown (Trafton Harvey, Quinn Loggins, Joe Doyle)

Adam Warner Appearance & Show Dates:
(2022) DEC 21 – WSMV-TV’s “Today In Nashville” / Nashville, Tenn.
(2022) DEC 27 – Listening Room Cafe / Nashville, Tenn.
(2023) JAN 09-14 – Million Dollar Cowboy Bar / Jackson, Wyo.
*For Adam’s most up-to-date tour schedule, follow on BandsInTown or visit AdamWarnerIsCountry.com

About Adam Warner:
Adam Warner brings a big sound from a small town swagger to the country scene; fusing his timeless drawl with the infectious ‘take it or leave it’ energy of rock n roll, Warner has mastered the art of a good time. After proudly serving in the United States Marines, Adam Warner crafted his country rock catalog in Nashville, Tennessee–with singles like “Catchin’ Hell” and “Long Haired Country Boy” and more in the pipeline for 2022, every aspect of his brand bleeds red, white and blue. A self-proclaimed bad influence, Warner has learned not to take himself too seriously, and his music offers his audience a chance to do the same.

Despite his rowdy bravado, Adam Warner still honors the best of country’s time honored traditions with songs like “Someone God Can Use,” which he humbly performed at the legendary Grand Ole Opry House. With influences extending across decades of musical icons, Warner has shared the stage with some of his biggest heroes, including Lee Brice, Jamey Johnson, Jerrod Niemann, American Young, Midland, Trace Adkins, Neil McCoy, Rhonda Vincent and Darrell Singletary. Having already celebrated a multitude of career highs, Warner has become ingrained in the country music community with releases like “Semper Fi” featuring Trace Adkins, which pays homage to active and former military, along with the 2018 Tennessee Titans anthem “Welcome to the South”–played at every home game at Nissan Stadium.

Adam Warner’s music mimics the philosophy in which he lives his life by. “Do what you love and love what you do,” he asserts, “there’s no restart button. One of the greatest things about music is that it lives forever, my songs will be around long after I’m gone. But while I’m here, I want to help people live in the moment. At the end of the day, if I can play a part in one person’s good day, if I can make some laugh, cry or feel something, I know I’ve done my job as an artist.”  The best of Adam Warner is yet to come–stay tuned for upcoming tour dates and high-octane releases that’ll set the soundtrack for 2022.

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Art/Photo Downloads:

[What We’re Known For art | Download JPG]

[Photo: Michael Gomez | Download JPG]