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Adam Warner
Adam Warner comes from a family who have been family farmers for more than 100 years, and he grew up with men who served in the U.S. Military. He found an early love for music and played in bands throughout high school. Influenced by his favorite singers, including Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, George Jones and Hank Williams Jr. and Sr., he started writing songs and continued to perform until he took a break from music while in college to join the U. S. Marines for five years. As soon as he could after his discharge, Warner moved to Nashville, where he was soon back to writing songs and entertaining fans. It was obviously the right decision, because country star Trace Adkins heard about him and invited Warner to open his shows. Warner had heard Adkins’ hit “Semper Fi” when he was in the Marines and told Adkins he would like to record the song, and Adkins agreed to duet on it with him. The song won Warner the Vox Pop award for Country Music Song of the Year at the 17 th annual Independent Music Awards in June of 2019. Warner and buddies Quinn Loggins and Trafton Harvey wrote “Welcome to the South,” which has become the theme song for the NFL team the Tennessee Titans, who turned it into a video they play before each of their games in Nashville. Warner released an EP in 2020, Can’t Get Enough. He then followed with his first studio album, 2020’s Big Storm, where his single “4 Square Miles” was widely received by his fans, and secured him nods from many music industry tastemakers and spins at country radio. The song is dedicated to his grandfather Fred who passed away, along with growing up on his 5th generation family’s farm in Illinois! The song’s video climbed to #1 in 2021 on The Country Network’s Top 20 Countdown Show. He is now working on his next project, which he says will stay in the same realm but as the Marines taught him, will show growth in his music.

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