“…feisty, sprightly country singer-songwriter.
— Robert K. Oermann, Music Row Magazine

“Carter gives the timeless Pride hit a modern sheen, and it capably serves as a showcase for her powerful voice.”
— Jessica Nicholson, Billboard

Available everywhere on Sept. 16 at linktr.ee/breicarter; and to country radio programmers via GrassRoots Promotion & PlayMPE

Advance digital and physical copies available to media & radio, please make request to jwa@jwamedia.com 

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (August 18, 2022) Country and southern pop singer-songwriter Brei Carter will release her debut album, Brand New Country, everywhere digitally on September 16, 2022, plus a limited number of physical CDs which will be available at linktr.ee/breicarter. The new album contains an eclectic collection of new music and familiar favorites, like the catchy chorus hook in “Gave Him A Girl,” or her timeless reworking of Charley Pride’s “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’” and her last single, the standoffish and feisty “Paybacks,” all of which have garnered her critical acclaim. Songs which the blossoming Nashville-based country recording artist has also crafted her very likable reputation on. 

Brand New Country represents music she wrote and recorded with a diverse group of multi-genre music producers including Nashville songwriting veterans Curt Ryle (Taylor Swift, Pam Tillis, Brooks & Dunn) and Jason Wyatt, along with Atlanta based music producers William Washington WLPWR (Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, Yellawolf) and Bridgetown (Mary J Blige, Neyo, Trey Songz), and St. Louis based pop and hip-hop producer SP Fredrick Perine (Baby Bam, JungleBrothers, Ball & Ro).

Brei Carter’s gripping new single, “Stronger Than That,” is the focus track and lead country radio single from the album, set for release on September 16. “Stronger Than That” was co-written with Wayne Burton and brings a deeply personal story of tenacity and perseverance; attributes that have become hallmarks of the artist’s burgeoning career.

“When Wayne and I wrote that song, I wanted to tell my story of what I went through growing up, how I felt,” Brei explained. “I wanted to share with the world that no matter what obstacles they were dealing with or going through, that they could make it. Stronger than that is a reminder that you’re tougher than you think and to believe in yourself regardless of what others think or say.”

Since making her emergence into Nashville’s bustling music scene in 2016, Brei has quickly established herself as a smooth and sometimes edgy songstress whose single catalog has garnered praise from Billboard, Music Row Magazine’s Robert K. Oermann, St. Louis Magazine, Guitar Girl Magazine, and has landed her appearances on WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour, NewsMax-TV, RFD-TV, WSMV-TV and others. Carter’s infectious melodies also helped propel her onto the CMA Fest Spotlight Stage this past June, where she gave her first performance at a major music festival. 

Single name: “Stronger Than That”
Album name: Brand New Country
ISRC#: USHM82220253
UPC#: 198004229401
Release date: September 16, 2022
Album audio producers: Jason Wyatt, Curt Ryle, Bridgetown, SP Fredrick Perine, William Washington WLPWR
Buy/Stream/Listen at linktr.ee/breicarter

Track Listing, Producers & Songwriters: 

  1. “Brand New Country” $ (Brei Carter, Shawn Hubbard)
  2. “Smiling” * (Brei Carter, Josh Courson, Jason Wyatt)
  3. “Roadmaps Of Memories” ^ (Curt Ryle, Hollie Jett)
  4. “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’” * (Ben James Peters)
  5. “Cowboy Romeo” * (Brei Carter, Jason Wyatt, James Breedwell)
  6. “Paybacks” * (Brei Carter, Jason Campbell, Terry Smith)
  7. “Stronger Than That” * (Brei Carter, Wayne Burton)
  8. “Country Choir” * (Corey Lee Barker, Shantell Odgen)
  9. “Sippin On A Good Time” ^ (Curt Ryle, Kelsey Hart, Tony Mullins)
  10. “Cowgirl” ^ (Brei Carter, Carli Vintaj) 
  11. “Here’s To Nowhere” * (Brei Carter, Corey Lee Barker)
  12. “Propane” @ (Brei Carter, Misha Fair)
  13. “Gave Him A Girl” * (Brei Carter, Mason Douglas, Jason Wyatt)
  14. “Love Don’t Look Like This” ^ (Marilyn Crawley)
  15. “Yours” * (Corey Lee Barker, Charley Woods)
  16. “Ride In The Desert” featuring Josh Waters + (Brei Carter, SP Fredrick Perine, Shawn Hubbard)
    * = Produced by Jason Wyatt
    ^ = Produced by Curt Ryle
    + = Produced by SP Fredrick Perine
    @ = Produced by William Washington WLPWR
    $ = Produced by Bridgetown

About Brei Carter:
Emerging crossover country and southern pop recording artist Brei Carter is proof that sometimes faith, patience and time pays off. Growing up in Monroe, Louisiana with a solid, southern upbringing, Brei’s family raised her on several authentic southern staples: the Bible, Lone Star Missionary Baptist Church’s choir, Charley Pride, Loretta Lynn, Aretha Franklin, and no shortage of familial love and devotion. However, before she became the dynamic and vivacious country singer she is today, Brei was busy earning a Bachelors in Business from University of Louisiana in Monroe, a Masters in International Relations from Webster University, and a Doctorate in Theology from New Foundation Theological Seminary. She is also a proud Veteran of the U.S. Army, where she served as an enlisted soldier and as an officer. Having moved to Nashville soon thereafter, Brei has quickly established herself in the songwriters community as a smooth and sometimes edgy songstress who melds country, soul and southern pop into one fused style. Her first single at country radio “Gave Him A Girl” was immediately recognized as “cute and catchy” by country music journalist and historian Robert K. Oermann in his weekly DISClaimer review column for Music Row Magazine, where it eventually charted up to #71. With a growing catalog of new music, including her debut album Brand New Country, slated for a September 16 release, this young singer-songwriter is a welcome addition to the emerging new styles of the country music community.

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