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Elle Townley
Hailing from Georgetown, Texas, Elle Townley first turned heads belting out Disney princess songs as a small child. Over the past few years she has evolved and refined her musical style to incorporate classic country influences with her own modern expressions. She has steadily built a loyal following across central Texas, performing at a variety of venues and events including the Old Settler’s Music Festival and the Alvin Opry House, along with singing the national anthem for the Round Rock Express, the Austin Spurs, and at the Texas State Capitol. In 2020, Elle earned a spot as a top-five finalist in the Houston Rodeo Rockstar competition. Through her work with PCG Artist Development in Nashville, Elle has increasingly focused on her own songwriting. She has been collaborating with numerous veteran songwriters and producers, including Britton Cameron, Margaret Becker, Drew Womack, and Matt Noveskey. Elle released her debut single “Trouble with Trouble” in 2020, which was recorded at the legendary Orb Recording Studios in Austin, Texas and featured on The Country Network. In 2021 she released the poignant “Faireweather Friend” single. In 2022, her third single “One Too Many Heartaches” was exclusively premiered by Postcards Magazine in her native Texas, and once again demonstrated this young teen’s maturation as a country singer-songwriter. Townley was also nominated for her first major award, a finalist for Young Artist of the Year in the 2022 Texas Country Music Awards.

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