“Warner poured his heart and soul into the song which doubles as both highly personal and all too relatable, showcasing the true power to connect, hidden within music.”
— Andrew Bronner, Worlds of Country 

Warner called upon his fanbase to submit photos of their loved ones who’ve passed away to soon for the music video, received hundreds of submissions 

Tune-in: Warner’s new song featured by CountryLine TV and will appear on Newsmax TV’s ‘National Report’ today at 11:25am CT 

Music video set to rollout on Nov. 18, with support from The Country Network, The Heartland Network, AIM Country TV Network and at CMT.com on Dec. 2

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Nov. 10, 2022) – Country singer-songwriter and U.S. Marine veteran Adam Warner tugs at his listener’s heartstrings on his newly released single “Split A Beer,” [orcd.co/b14bzmp] the fourth track from his forthcoming new album What We’re Known For, available everywhere on December 16 by Sunday Supper Records and The Orchard

“Split A Beer ” demonstrates Adam’s more delicate and supple side of songwriting, on a song he created with Mark Addison Chandler, Josh Gallagher, and Taylor Goyette. Dedicated to remembering those who’ve passed away, the emotional ballad exemplifies his diversity as a recording artist. Knowing the song’s lyrics could hold a special meaning for just about anyone who has ever lost anyone too soon, he wanted to make the music videos focus to be about his listeners and less about himself. Warner called upon his fan base through social media, asking them to submit photos of anyone who they’d like to “Split A Beer” with one more time. Soon thereafter he began receiving hundreds of photos, tributes and stories from his fans, which became the basis and inspiration behind the music video.

“It was an overwhelming response to say the least, and quickly put into perspective what I wanted this song to mean to its listener,” Warner said. “All of the sudden the production of this video became incredibly important that we get it right.  It took our team weeks to read through all of the submissions.  There were days where we just had to stop as it became emotionally overwhelming. “ 

For Warner, it was his grandfather Fred who he wished he could split a beer with one last time, and who partially inspired his 2020 release of “4 Square Miles,” the musical story of his family’s farm just outside of Lawrenceville, Illinois.  

“This song was born at a writer’s retreat with my buddies,” Adam continued. “As we sat in my grandpa’s house and it rolled around to the afternoon I said to them as I looked at his chair, this was the time of day where Freddie and I would “Split A Beer,” and the rest is history.”

Music from What We’re Known For has been featured by People Magazine, Taste of Country, Forbes, Cowboys & Indians, RFD-TV, Newsmax, and is the follow-up album to Warner’s Big Storm (2021), which contained fan favorites “4 Square Miles,” “That’s How You Know You’re Livin’” and “SemperFi,” featuring Trace Adkins.

Single name: “Split A Beer”
Audio release date: Nov. 10, 2022
Video release date: Nov. 18, 2022
Pre-save/Buy/Listen: orcd.co/b14bzmp
Songwriters: Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Josh Gallagher, Taylor Goyette
ISRC#: QM4TX2232324
Album name: What We’re Known For
Record label: Sunday Supper Records / The Orchard
Audio produced by: Daniel Dennis
Video director: Karl Weidmann, Josh Mendez with Southern Cabin Films

What We’re Known For Track Listing & Songwriters: 

  1. What We’re Known For (Mark Addison Chandler, Matt Williams)
  2. Catchin’ Hell (Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Davis Corley, Josh Gallagher)
  3. Lost In A Country Song (Barrett Baber, John Caldwell, Mark Addison Chandler, Taylor Goyette)
  4. Split A Beer (Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Josh Gallagher, Taylor Goyette)
  5. One Drunk (John Caldwell, Mark Addison Chandler, Davis Corley)
  6. Reason To Redneck (John Caldwell, Mark Addison Chandler, Davis Corley, Dawson Edwards) 
  7. Got Started (Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Lewis Brice, Josh Gallagher)
  8. Like Daddy Did (Adam Warner, Smith Curry, Steven Nix)
  9. First Face (Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Lewis Brice, Josh Gallagher)
  10. Granny’s Lincoln (Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Davis Corley, Josh Gallagher)
  11. Long Haired Country Boy (Charlie Daniels)
  12. Goodbye Hometown (Trafton Harvey, Quinn Loggins, Joe Doyle)

Adam Warner Show Dates:
DEC 07 – The Local / Nashville, Tenn.
JAN 09-14 – Million Dollar Cowboy Bar / Jackson, Wyo.
*For Adam’s most up-to-date tour schedule, follow on BandsInTown or visit AdamWarnerIsCountry.com

About Adam Warner:
Adam Warner brings a big sound from a small town swagger to the country scene; fusing his timeless drawl with the infectious ‘take it or leave it’ energy of rock n roll, Warner has mastered the art of a good time. After proudly serving in the United States Marines, Adam Warner crafted his country rock catalog in Nashville, Tennessee–with singles like “Catchin’ Hell” and “Long Haired Country Boy” and more in the pipeline for 2022, every aspect of his brand bleeds red, white and blue. A self-proclaimed bad influence, Warner has learned not to take himself too seriously, and his music offers his audience a chance to do the same.

Despite his rowdy bravado, Adam Warner still honors the best of country’s time honored traditions with songs like “Someone God Can Use,” which he humbly performed at the legendary Grand Ole Opry House. With influences extending across decades of musical icons, Warner has shared the stage with some of his biggest heroes, including Lee Brice, Jamey Johnson, Jerrod Niemann, American Young, Midland, Trace Adkins, Neil McCoy, Rhonda Vincent and Darrell Singletary. Having already celebrated a multitude of career highs, Warner has become ingrained in the country music community with releases like “Semper Fi” featuring Trace Adkins, which pays homage to active and former military, along with the 2018 Tennessee Titans anthem “Welcome to the South”–played at every home game at Nissan Stadium.

Adam Warner’s music mimics the philosophy in which he lives his life by. “Do what you love and love what you do,” he asserts, “there’s no restart button. One of the greatest things about music is that it lives forever, my songs will be around long after I’m gone. But while I’m here, I want to help people live in the moment. At the end of the day, if I can play a part in one person’s good day, if I can make some laugh, cry or feel something, I know I’ve done my job as an artist.”  The best of Adam Warner is yet to come–stay tuned for upcoming tour dates and high-octane releases that’ll set the soundtrack for 2022.

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