[(L-R) Pepper Meiler, Dewayne Brown, Brei Carter, Michael “Benjy” Cruz, Nancy Lee | Photo: Jason W. Ashcraft / JWA Media | Download JPG ]

Country Singer-Songwriter Brei Carter Signs With Brown Lee Entertainment For Exclusive Global Music Distribution & Digital Marketing

Carter’s musical journey and life profiled by WSMV-TV in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (January 18, 2023) – Country singer-songwriter and U.S. Army veteran Brei Carter has signed with Nashville based Brown Lee Entertainment for exclusive global music distribution through The Orchard, and digital marketing services. BLE is headed and founded by former RED Music/Sony Music Entertainment Executive Dewayne Brown, along with his team of Nancy Lee, Michael “Benjy” Cruz, and Pepper Meiler

“When we set out to start BLE, we collectively had our hearts set on finding that right female country artist with an amazing voice and an uncanny writing ability that will cross various genre formats,” said Brown. “Two years later we found Brei Carter and we are so proud of her body of work that we couldn’t say no. We are so happy that she chose BLE to call her home.”

Carter’s first full length album, the critically acclaimed Brand New Country originally released independently on September 16, 2022. The eclectic album explores Carter’s country, soul and R&B musical roots, and is set to be re-released via Brown Lee Entertainment and The Orchard.

“It’s amazing how God aligns you with the right people at the right time,” Carter said. “I am so blessed and fortunate to now be a part of the BLE family. Greatness can never be achieved by one alone, it is the people, the team, the village that takes the person there.”

Album name: Brand New Country
Record label: Brown Lee Entertainment / The Orchard
Download/Stream/Listen: linktr.ee/breicarter
Album audio produced by: Jason Wyatt, Curt Ryle, SP Fredrick Perine, William Washington WLPWR, Bridgetown
Music Video Links: Stronger Than That” | “Gave Him A Girl” | “Brand New Country” | “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’”

Track Listing & Songwriters: 

  1. “Brand New Country” $ (Brei Carter, Shawn Hubbard)
  2. “Smiling” * (Brei Carter, Josh Courson, Jason Wyatt)
  3. “Roadmaps Of Memories” ^ (Curt Ryle, Hollie Jett)
  4. “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’” * (Ben James Peters)
  5. “Cowboy Romeo” * (Brei Carter, Jason Wyatt, James Breedwell)
  6. “Paybacks” * (Brei Carter, Jason Campbell, Terry Smith)
  7. “Stronger Than That” * (Brei Carter, Wayne Burton)
  8. “Country Choir” * (Corey Lee Barker, Shantell Odgen)
  9. “Sippin On A Good Time” ^ (Curt Ryle, Kelsey Hart, Tony Mullins)
  10. “Cowgirl” ^ (Brei Carter, Carli Vintaj) 
  11. “Here’s To Nowhere” * (Brei Carter, Corey Lee Barker)
  12. “Propane” @ (Brei Carter, Misha Fair)
  13. “Gave Him A Girl” * (Brei Carter, Mason Douglas, Jason Wyatt)
  14. “Love Don’t Look Like This” ^ (Marilyn Crawley)
  15. “Yours” * (Corey Lee Barker, Charley Woods)
  16. “Ride In The Desert” featuring Josh Waters + (Brei Carter, SP Fredrick Perine, Shawn Hubbard)
    * = Produced by Jason Wyatt
    ^ = Produced by Curt Ryle
    + = Produced by SP Fredrick Perine
    @ = Produced by William Washington WLPWR
    $ = Produced by Bridgetown

About Brei Carter:
Emerging crossover country and southern pop recording artist Brei Carter is proof that sometimes faith, patience and time pays off. Growing up in Monroe, Louisiana with a solid, southern upbringing, Brei’s family raised her on several authentic southern staples: the Bible, Lone Star Missionary Baptist Church’s choir, Charley Pride, Loretta Lynn, Aretha Franklin, and no shortage of familial love and devotion. However, before she became the dynamic and vivacious country singer she is today, Brei was busy earning a Bachelors in Business from University of Louisiana in Monroe, a Masters in International Relations from Webster University, and a Doctorate in Theology from New Foundation Theological Seminary. She is also a proud Veteran of the U.S. Army, where she served as an enlisted soldier and as an officer. Having moved to Nashville soon thereafter, Brei has quickly established herself in the songwriters community as a smooth and sometimes edgy songstress who melds country, soul and southern pop into one fused style. Her first single at country radio “Gave Him A Girl” was immediately recognized as “cute and catchy” by country music journalist and historian Robert K. Oermann in his weekly DISClaimer review column for Music Row Magazine, where it eventually charted up to #71. With a growing catalog of new music, including her debut album Brand New Country, which was released in Fall 2022, this young singer-songwriter is a welcome addition to the emerging new styles of the country music community.

About Brown Lee Entertainment:
Brown Lee Entertainment is an non-specific genre entertainment company that focuses on artist development, digital marketing, digital distribution, and artist management. We all know that this industry is not a cookie-cutting, one shoe fits all business model for today’s talented artists and songwriters. Everything must be tailored around their specific needs and art. BLE focuses and target each artist to maximize all of their social media, website design, and music awareness for greater exposure. 

# # #

Publicity Photo: 

[(L-R) Pepper Meiler, Dewayne Brown, Brei Carter, Michael “Benjy” Cruz, Nancy Lee | Photo: Jason W. Ashcraft / JWA Media | Download JPG ]



[Photo: Artisan Imagery | Download JPG]

Album Art:

[Album art | Download JPG]

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 12.48.33 PM

OP-ED: Michael Johnathon and the message of America’s Front Porch

He is a banjo playing folksinger. His worldview is shaped from the front porch of his log cabin home outside of Lexington, Kentucky.

“Never before in the history of the world has the need to revisit the meaning and spirit of the front porch been so needed,” Johnathon says.

Indeed, war, pandemic and economic uncertainty, civil unrest and gun violence, the shattering of accepted norms and the incessant social media noise have caused many to look back to re-examine where we are heading.

“This is not a political idea. It’s not left or right, republican or democrat, black or white, liberal or conservative. It is hometowns and neighbors, families and friends. It’s America, Canada, Ireland and beyond.” says Johnathon. “It’s the poetic calmness of rural communities that built arguably the greatest nation in world history.”

There is merit in that musical message. Generations ago there was a Slavic saying that went, “if everyone in the whole world simply took care of their own homes you would not have to worry about the world anymore.” In the 1960s that was rephrased into a bumper sticker, “Think globally. Act locally.”

To that end, the community-driven Michael Johnathon is not your average folksinger. A prolific songwriter with 19 nationally released albums, six published books, he also created and hosts a mammoth all volunteer-run public radio and TV broadcast, the WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour airing on over 500 radio stations, millions of TV homes on PBS stations and the RFD TV Network, and worldwide on the American Forces Radio Network. 

In fact, the WoodSongs broadcast is described on-air as a multimedia front porch.

He conceived and created the national community of SongFarmers, artists and musicians faced with the post pandemic collapse of the music world and redirecting their efforts into their home towns and communities. Already there are 89 active chapters from Australia, across America and Ireland.

“We are living among the first generation in human history that gets its music and art as a flatscreen, cell phone, digital tsunami of ones and zeros,” he says. “The real, front porch, organic world of music and art is fading away.”

Johnathon has tapped into a global need for friends, community and the genuine comfort that organic art can give in a world of incessant stress.

It is an unlikely career trajectory that hasn’t been seen since folksinger Pete Seeger decided to build the Clearwater sloop to help clean up the Hudson river. While musicians and songwriters reach out for a golden ring that no longer exists in a record industry that has essentially collapsed, Michael Johnathon reaches instead to a global fan base made up of neighbors, families and fellow musicians.

“I think the truth of music and art is not being told to the world of struggling songwriters,” he says. “There is an illusion that the age of million selling records and world tours are still there, but it is not. The truth is that 99% of musicians will not get a record deal, will not get a booking agent, will not become stars.”

Johnathon believes in the passion and energy of those artists, that the greatest stage in the world is literally the emotional and spiritual front porch, the brightest spotlight shines on the figurative living room couch.

“Musicians have a wonderful opportunity to follow the example of artists like Pete Seeger, Harry Chapin and others,” Jonathon continued. “In the age of YouTube, doing good work is the equivalent of having a hit record.”

Johnathon continues to tirelessly pursue the idea of good work. His latest book WoodSongs 5 is a tribute to the struggling artists of yesterday and today including Vincent van Gogh. He completed the screenplay for the pending motion picture, Caney Creek: the Legend of Alice Lloyd, described by industry producers as the Dances with Wolves of Appalachia.

Beginning in October, he is launching another volunteer run TV series dedicated to the music of youngsters called “WoodSongs Kids,” a Mr. Rogers meets the Grand Ole Opry style broadcast. 

“I wish musicians understood that free is the new business model,” Johnathon explains. “Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter allows everybody in the world to use their platforms absolutely free. It is very much an incarnation of the front porch business model. Music can work that way as well and you can accomplish amazing things with it.”

WoodSongs was created and is sustained on the free business model. This past spring the folksinger reached out to the WoodSongs community and collected over 1,000 instruments and delivered them free of charge to the musicians who lost everything in the ravage destruction of tornadoes in western Kentucky. 

Recently, massive floods devastated the mountain communities of Appalachia and again he is enlisting the passionate front porch spirit of his fan-base to collect another 1,000 guitars, banjos, dulcimers, pianos and more and deliver them free of charge to the musicians in the mountains.

His belief in the front porch spirit has resulted in powerful partnerships. The Commonwealth of Kentucky gave him the prestigious MILNER AWARD of the ARTS reserved for the likes of Wendell Berry, James Still, Jean Ritchie and others. The Department of Kentucky Tourism came on board as a global partner of WoodSongs.

“To me, Kentucky is like the comfortable rocking chair on America’s front porch,” Michael said.

To find out more on how you can participate in the musical efforts of America’s front porch spirit you can visit these websites:




[Photo: Larry Neuzel | Download JPG]

[Single Art | Download JPG]

Country Songwriter Adam Warner Crafts Emotionally Charged Ballad “Split A Beer”

“Warner poured his heart and soul into the song which doubles as both highly personal and all too relatable, showcasing the true power to connect, hidden within music.”
— Andrew Bronner, Worlds of Country 

Warner called upon his fanbase to submit photos of their loved ones who’ve passed away to soon for the music video, received hundreds of submissions 

Tune-in: Warner’s new song featured by CountryLine TV and will appear on Newsmax TV’s ‘National Report’ today at 11:25am CT 

Music video set to rollout on Nov. 18, with support from The Country Network, The Heartland Network, AIM Country TV Network and at CMT.com on Dec. 2

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Nov. 10, 2022) – Country singer-songwriter and U.S. Marine veteran Adam Warner tugs at his listener’s heartstrings on his newly released single “Split A Beer,” [orcd.co/b14bzmp] the fourth track from his forthcoming new album What We’re Known For, available everywhere on December 16 by Sunday Supper Records and The Orchard

“Split A Beer ” demonstrates Adam’s more delicate and supple side of songwriting, on a song he created with Mark Addison Chandler, Josh Gallagher, and Taylor Goyette. Dedicated to remembering those who’ve passed away, the emotional ballad exemplifies his diversity as a recording artist. Knowing the song’s lyrics could hold a special meaning for just about anyone who has ever lost anyone too soon, he wanted to make the music videos focus to be about his listeners and less about himself. Warner called upon his fan base through social media, asking them to submit photos of anyone who they’d like to “Split A Beer” with one more time. Soon thereafter he began receiving hundreds of photos, tributes and stories from his fans, which became the basis and inspiration behind the music video.

“It was an overwhelming response to say the least, and quickly put into perspective what I wanted this song to mean to its listener,” Warner said. “All of the sudden the production of this video became incredibly important that we get it right.  It took our team weeks to read through all of the submissions.  There were days where we just had to stop as it became emotionally overwhelming. “ 

For Warner, it was his grandfather Fred who he wished he could split a beer with one last time, and who partially inspired his 2020 release of “4 Square Miles,” the musical story of his family’s farm just outside of Lawrenceville, Illinois.  

“This song was born at a writer’s retreat with my buddies,” Adam continued. “As we sat in my grandpa’s house and it rolled around to the afternoon I said to them as I looked at his chair, this was the time of day where Freddie and I would “Split A Beer,” and the rest is history.”

Music from What We’re Known For has been featured by People Magazine, Taste of Country, Forbes, Cowboys & Indians, RFD-TV, Newsmax, and is the follow-up album to Warner’s Big Storm (2021), which contained fan favorites “4 Square Miles,” “That’s How You Know You’re Livin’” and “SemperFi,” featuring Trace Adkins.

Single name: “Split A Beer”
Audio release date: Nov. 10, 2022
Video release date: Nov. 18, 2022
Pre-save/Buy/Listen: orcd.co/b14bzmp
Songwriters: Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Josh Gallagher, Taylor Goyette
ISRC#: QM4TX2232324
Album name: What We’re Known For
Record label: Sunday Supper Records / The Orchard
Audio produced by: Daniel Dennis
Video director: Karl Weidmann, Josh Mendez with Southern Cabin Films

What We’re Known For Track Listing & Songwriters: 

  1. What We’re Known For (Mark Addison Chandler, Matt Williams)
  2. Catchin’ Hell (Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Davis Corley, Josh Gallagher)
  3. Lost In A Country Song (Barrett Baber, John Caldwell, Mark Addison Chandler, Taylor Goyette)
  4. Split A Beer (Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Josh Gallagher, Taylor Goyette)
  5. One Drunk (John Caldwell, Mark Addison Chandler, Davis Corley)
  6. Reason To Redneck (John Caldwell, Mark Addison Chandler, Davis Corley, Dawson Edwards) 
  7. Got Started (Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Lewis Brice, Josh Gallagher)
  8. Like Daddy Did (Adam Warner, Smith Curry, Steven Nix)
  9. First Face (Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Lewis Brice, Josh Gallagher)
  10. Granny’s Lincoln (Adam Warner, Mark Addison Chandler, Davis Corley, Josh Gallagher)
  11. Long Haired Country Boy (Charlie Daniels)
  12. Goodbye Hometown (Trafton Harvey, Quinn Loggins, Joe Doyle)

Adam Warner Show Dates:
DEC 07 – The Local / Nashville, Tenn.
JAN 09-14 – Million Dollar Cowboy Bar / Jackson, Wyo.
*For Adam’s most up-to-date tour schedule, follow on BandsInTown or visit AdamWarnerIsCountry.com

About Adam Warner:
Adam Warner brings a big sound from a small town swagger to the country scene; fusing his timeless drawl with the infectious ‘take it or leave it’ energy of rock n roll, Warner has mastered the art of a good time. After proudly serving in the United States Marines, Adam Warner crafted his country rock catalog in Nashville, Tennessee–with singles like “Catchin’ Hell” and “Long Haired Country Boy” and more in the pipeline for 2022, every aspect of his brand bleeds red, white and blue. A self-proclaimed bad influence, Warner has learned not to take himself too seriously, and his music offers his audience a chance to do the same.

Despite his rowdy bravado, Adam Warner still honors the best of country’s time honored traditions with songs like “Someone God Can Use,” which he humbly performed at the legendary Grand Ole Opry House. With influences extending across decades of musical icons, Warner has shared the stage with some of his biggest heroes, including Lee Brice, Jamey Johnson, Jerrod Niemann, American Young, Midland, Trace Adkins, Neil McCoy, Rhonda Vincent and Darrell Singletary. Having already celebrated a multitude of career highs, Warner has become ingrained in the country music community with releases like “Semper Fi” featuring Trace Adkins, which pays homage to active and former military, along with the 2018 Tennessee Titans anthem “Welcome to the South”–played at every home game at Nissan Stadium.

Adam Warner’s music mimics the philosophy in which he lives his life by. “Do what you love and love what you do,” he asserts, “there’s no restart button. One of the greatest things about music is that it lives forever, my songs will be around long after I’m gone. But while I’m here, I want to help people live in the moment. At the end of the day, if I can play a part in one person’s good day, if I can make some laugh, cry or feel something, I know I’ve done my job as an artist.”  The best of Adam Warner is yet to come–stay tuned for upcoming tour dates and high-octane releases that’ll set the soundtrack for 2022.

 # # #

Video Teaser Assets:

[View/Download Mp4/MOV]

Art/Photo Downloads:

[Single Art | Download JPG]

[Photo: Michael Gomez | Download JPG]


[What We’re Known For art | Download JPG]

Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 10.54.45 AM

WoodSongs Broadcast Begins Production Of ‘WoodSongs Kids’ Spin-Off Series

Folksinger Michael Johnathon discusses the new TV show with Bluegrass Today

“Mr. Rogers meets the Grand Ole Opry”

Schools, teachers, home school parents and students come FREE to the Oct. 10 taping at the Lyric Theater

LEXINGTON, Ky. (September 20, 2022) – Folksinger Michael Johnathon’s nationally syndicated radio and TV broadcast, WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour, is set to begin initial pilot production for a new spin-off series called WoodSongs Kids. The upcoming October 10 taping at the Lyric Theater in Lexington, Kentucky will feature numerous kid musicians (ages 6-16). School teachers, and home school parents may bring their students for FREE to the Oct. 10 taping. WoodSongs Kids is being produced initially as a TV series for public television TV affiliates across the nation.

“We have featured young kids on every WoodSongs broadcast for years, making it a highlight of the show every week,” Johnathon said. “WoodSongs Kids will be devoted exclusively to the kids of America’s front porch. Think “Mr. Rogers meets the Grand Ole Opry” and you will have a good idea of what’s coming.” 

With a global partnership with the Department of Kentucky Tourism and VisitLEX, an extended residency for the next five years at the historic Lyric Theatre and a recently installed exhibit at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame, WoodSongs continues to grow its radio affiliate base, enhance its online presence, and expand its large TV audience.  WoodSongs invites people from around the world to visit and experience the welcoming “front porch” of Kentucky, which is at the crossroads of America’s folk, country and bluegrass music communities. 

For official show information and production updates on the new WoodSongs Kid series visit woodsongs.com/kidstv

About WoodSongs:
WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour is an all-volunteer, live audience celebration of grassroots, bluegrass, country and folk music and the artists who make it. Produced 44 Mondays per year from the historic Lyric Theater in Lexington, Kentucky the show airs worldwide on 537 radio stations from Australia to Ireland and across the United States. It also airs on American Forces Radio Network twice each weekend in 177 nations, every military base and US Naval ship around the world. It is broadcast into millions of homes as a public television series on KET in Kentucky and PBS stations coast-to-coast, nationwide every Friday on RFD-TV, America’s Most Important Rural Network, and streaming on several online services including YouTube.

 # # #

Photo/Art Assets:

[Photo: Larry Neuzel/WoodSongs | Download PNG]

[WoodSongs Kids Assets | View/Download]

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 12.56.18 PM

Memories of Honor To Host Next Military Tribute Race Event, Music City Miles and Memories During Big Machine Music City Grand Prix, Partnering With Black Rifle Coffee Company

Registrations will close on Tuesday, August 2 at 11:59pm CT

A patriotic “on-track” experience for participants to bike, walk, or military ruck the Music City Grand Prix Racetrack in downtown Nashville

Executive Director & Blue-Star Mother Amy Cotta talks MOH mission on
WSMV’s “Today In Nashville” [click to watch] 

PAST EVENT PHOTO GALLERIES [view/download here]

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 21, 2022) – Tennessee-based national non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, Memories of Honor, is excited to announce their inaugural Music City Miles & Memories event taking place on Saturday, Aug. 6, from 7:30am – 8:45am during the Big Machine Music City Grand Prix. In partnership with Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC), Memories of Honor’s next patriotic military tribute athletic race event to support MOH’s mission of making every day a Memorial Day, is set to be a one-of-a-kind on-track experience for all racers to bike, walk, or military ruck the Music City Grand Prix racetrack in downtown Nashville. As part of the partnership, BRCC will be providing complimentary coffee for race participants, along with sponsoring a number of registration fees for military veterans to run and participate in Music City Miles & Memories. 

“We are beyond excited to team up with the Big Machine Music City GrandPrix to offer this one-of-a-kind experience to honor our fallen military and their families,” said Amy Cotta, Founder & Executive Director of Memories of Honor. “We are also honored to have veteran-founded, Black Rifle Coffee Company join our efforts in this community outreach event.”

Music City Miles & Memories is open to the public, those wishing to participate may register by clicking here or by visiting musiccitymilesandmemories.com. Registrations will close on Tuesday, August 2 at 11:59pm CT


  • DATE: August 6th, 2022
  • TIME:  7:30 AM – 8:45 AM 
  • LOCATION: Music City Grand Prix Racecourse –1st Ave South, Downtown Nashville
  • PACE: You will have up to 55 minutes to complete the two-mile course. All foot traffic must be off the racecourse by 9 AM sharp! 
  • NO PETS are allowed on the course. 
  • SUPPORTING: Funds raised support Memories of Honor


  • Packet pickup: 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM
  • Race Day Registration 7:00 – 7:30 AM 
  • On-Track Ride / Walk / Ruck from 7:30 AM – 8:45 AM
  • Everyone must be off the track by 9:00 AM 


  • Racetrack Street Access (without cars): You can walk, bike, military ruck. Strollers welcome. 
  • General Admission Ticket: to Saturday’s Music City Grand Prix event, which includes: all-day access to the festival grounds, fan zone, racing activities, and music performances
  • Commemorative Event T-shirt
  • A Fallen Hero Memorial Bib: Marathon-style bib containing the rank, name, branch, and date of passing of one of our Nation’s fallen heroes.

About Memories of Honor:
Memories of Honor is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Nashville, Tennessee. Our mission is to make EVERY DAY Memorial Day. We use athletics, entertainment, special events, and social media campaigns to create living breathing memorials so that no loss of life in or due to military service is forgotten. MOH also produces other athletics events which honor military and veterans such as the Bataan Challenge, Social Distancing Challenge, Boots For Troops, 101 Heroes Ride, and others. Visit memoriesofhonor.org to learn more or to become involved. 

About Black Rifle Coffee Company:
Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) is a Veteran-founded coffee company serving premium coffee to people who love America. Founded in 2014 by Green Beret Evan Hafer, Black Rifle develops their explosive roast profiles with the same mission focus they learned while serving in the military. BRCC is committed to supporting Veterans, active-duty military, first responders and the American way of life.

To learn more about BRCC, visit www.blackriflecoffee.com, follow BRCC on social media, or subscribe to Coffee or Die Magazine’s daily newsletter at https://coffeeordie.com/presscheck-signup.

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[Music City Miles & Memories assets | view/download JPG/PDF]


[Race Track Map | view/download JPG]

[Parking Location | view/download JPG]

[Single Art | Download JPG]

Render Sisters Get Cheeky With Past Chaps On Pop Country Bop “Anyone Else”

“Anyone Else” exclusively premiered by Arkansas Democrat Gazette; available everywhere now on all digital platforms or at linktr.ee/rendersisters

Plus, the teen sister duo earns two more Arkansas Country Music Award nominations

“Anyone Else”  WAV track available to radio programmers; make request to jwa@jwamedia.com

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 23, 2022) – Teen country duo Render Sisters from Pine Bluff, Arkansas have crafted another upbeat southern pop-rock bop “Anyone Else,” where the best friends and sisters playfully file their complaints why some guys just don’t cut it. Released today across all digital & streaming music platforms, or at linktr.ee/rendersister, it’s their 8th single they’ve co-written and recorded in Nashville with hit-making songwriter and producer Britton Cameron (Don Williams, Jon Pardi, Lonestar). 

Mary-Keaton Render describes the song as “A fun, upbeat song that Stella and I wrote basically as a burn song. We wanted to compile multiple cringy things that guys have said to us over the years, so we started writing and the words just jumped out on the paper. ‘Anyone Else’ is the response that we wanted to give to these guys all this time, so they finally can hear it.” 

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette exclusively premiered the new song by way of its lyric video on March 22 as part of their local style section. 

“It was an easy song for us to write because we wrote it based on our own experiences in the past.’’ Stella adds. ‘’We wanted it to be light-hearted and fun, yet reveal our feelings. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.’’

Arkansas Country Music Awards 2022:
Mary-Keaton and Stella Render are also up for honors in two separate categories in the 2022 Arkansas Country Music Awards; Young Artist Of The Year and Video Of The Year for “Small Spaces” (click to watch), which was directed by country music icon Pam Tillis. The Render Sisters were also nominated in the same categories in the 2021 awards show, where they also performed. 

Single Name: “Anyone Else”
Release date: March 23, 2022
Label / Distribution: PCG Artist Development / Distro Kid
Written by: Mary-Keaton Render, Stella Render, Britton Cameron
ISRC: QZES62220504
Audio Produced by: Britton Cameron
Buy/Stream/Listen at linktr.ee/rendersisters
Official Lyric Video: youtu.be/FakYO6hcWaw 

About Render Sisters:
The Render Sisters are a young pop country duo from Pine Bluff, Arkansas who were influenced to become songwriters by their grandmother, a music teacher. Having graced many small town stages since elementary school, throughout their home state of Arkansas, these harmonious teenage southern songstresses are now ready for bigger stages. Their debut songs “Lost Boy,” & “Count On Me Count On You” premiered in 2020, with the song’s videos being featured on The Heartland Network, The Country Network, and WGN-TV. In 2021, Mary-Keaton and Stella Render were honored with their first set of major awards nominations as recording artists, earning a pair of Arkansas Country Music Awards nods in two separate categories; Young Artist Of The Year and Video Of The Year for their debut music video “Lost Boy,” and also becoming the first Young Artist Of The Year nominee to be nominated in a second award category. They also released several new songs, including the fun and upbeat country bop “Black Roses,” which was accompanied by another lively and colorful video directed by country music icon Pam Tillis. They’ve also made national TV appearances on RFD-TV’s Market Day Report and the Emmy award winning TV show, Teen Kid News. Prominent Music Row Magazine journalist and country music historian Robert K. Oermann concluded in his weekly column, “Their talent is way beyond their years.”

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Photo Downloads: 

[Single Art | Download JPG]

[Photo Credit: Katrina Brooks | Download JPG]

[Download PNG]

[Download high res JPG]

PCG Artist Development To Celebrate 10th Anniversary Of Summer Bootcamp Event For Aspiring Recording Artists & Singer-Songwriters

SAVE THE DATE: July 15-16, 2022 in Nashville

Parents, family, managers and the artist’s team are invited to observe, network and learn alongside their artist. 

Artists and their teams may register now through Dec. 25 and get 50% off admission costs

NASHVILLE, Tenn.PCG Artist Development, a world leader in artist development is excited to announce the 10th anniversary of their popular Summer Bootcamp event, which returns to an in-person event July 15 & 16, 2022 near Nashville. Event venue locations, breakout sessions, showcase performers and other agenda details will be announced at a later date, however artists and attendees may register now through Dec. 25 at PCGartistdevelopment.com/events-master-classes and receive a 50% discount on admission, using “PCG50” at checkout. 

PCG Summer Bootcamp brings together some of the best and brightest minds in songwriting, production, vocal/performance coaching, and other entertainment industry professionals. In two days, under one roof, young aspiring recording and performance artists will learn from some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. The PCG team will bring together an experienced group of entertainment industry thought leaders in artist management, entertainment attorneys, record production, publicity/media relations, social media, record label executives, hit songwriters, celebrities and more for a weekend the artist team’s will never forget and learn from. 

“I am extremely proud of the positive impact PCG Summer Bootcamp has made in the lives of countless artists over the last ten years,” said PCG CEO, Bernard Porter. “It’s been so rewarding to see immediate results as we strengthen all elements of the artist’s mind, body and spirit. Artists will leave us fully charged and ready to take on the world!”

In addition to the basic fundamentals, the PCG Artist Development team will be focusing on the best practices for social media, tools the pros use for gaining major visibility across all socials, and how to correctly set yourself up as a music business to garner all income streams from your music. 

The highlight of PCG Summer Bootcamp is the artist’s showcase event, where selected artists will have an invaluable opportunity to perform in front of, and receive honest feedback from a panel of performance and music industry experts. Whether performing or cheering on your favorite artist, everyone will have a chance to learn from some of the best and brightest minds in the music industry.

About PCG Artist Development:
Using their customized, scientific approach, The Science Of Artist Development, PCG provides hands-on, real-world training and education with the best coaches and mentors in the music industry. PCG consists of a core in-office staff, and a vast network of providers who work with the most successful artists in the entertainment industry. Through years of experience and success in the industry, our staff is uniquely qualified to prescribe the services and providers you need and the wisdom to know when you need them. Our providers include award-winning producers and songwriters, social media experts and influencers, performance, vocal and instrument coaches, media trainers, publicists, hair, makeup and wardrobe stylists, photographers, videographers and so much more. With over 100 of the most sought-after coaches, mentors and service providers in the industry, PCG provides training and expertise that is second to none.

# # #

PCG Artist Development Contacts:
Media & PR: JWA Media / Jason West Ashcraft | jwa@jwamedia.com | (615) 991-1125
President, PCG: Bernard Porter | bernard@pcgnashville.com | (615) 400-8321
Registar, PCG: Chad Gentry | chad@pcgnashville.com | (615) 971-0704 

Sizzle Reel & Video B-Roll:

[Watch: YouTube | Download: Mp4|MOV]

Photo Downloads:

[Download high res JPG]

[Download logo JPG]

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Comedian Red Green Headlines Inaugural i65 LIVE, A FREE-Streaming Fundraiser Variety Show Airing From Nashville & Louisville On Sunday, May 10

Also featuring LIVE performances by J.D. Shelburne, a collaboration between Bryan Fox with Buffalo Stille & Ron Clutch from Nappy Roots, and Will Muse

Hosted by Outlaw Poet Ron Whitehead & Center Stage Magazine’s Missy Wolf

A portion of the proceeds to be donated to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund

Fans can watch FREE at i65LIVE.com or at more than 25 other social media channels by performing artists and their community supporters. 

Performing arts organizations, businesses, and supporters are encouraged to host FREE cross-post “watch parties” for your fans. For info, email Jason@i65Live.com


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Legendary comedic genius Steve Smith, better known as Red Green from the Gemini Award winning comedy series The Red Green Show, will headline the inaugural transmission of i65 LIVE, a FREE online streaming fundraiser variety show set to broadcast on Sunday, May 10 at 7p ET/6p CT at i65LIVE.com. The show will feature an array of artistic performers who either live in, originated from, or perform regularly throughout America’s Midwest and Southern communities along the Interstate 65 corridor. The debut show will also feature live musical performances and interviews with rising country star J.D. Shelburne, a collaboration between country songwriter Bryan Fox and Grammy nominated American alternative southern hip-hop effigies Buffalo Stille & Ron Clutch from Nappy Roots, along with prodigy teen pop songwriter Will Muse.

The show will stream LIVE from Dark Horse Recording (DarkHorseRecording.com) studio, just outside of Nashville, and La La Land studio (LaLaLandSound.com) in Louisville, with a duo of hosts including Outlaw Poet Ron Whitehead from Louisville, and Center Stage Magazine’s Missy Wolf from Nashville.  

Poet Ron Whitehead will also read and perform several selections from his archive of southern-inspired, Kentucky-bred poetry, including Never Give Up, a poem he co-wrote in 2012 with his holiness, The Dalai Lama

Steve Smith (a.k.a. Red Green) to world premiere footage from his 2019 This Could Be It Tour
Comedian Steve Smith will join the show live at 8:45 pm ET from Possum Lodge to ZOOM interview with show hosts Ron Whitehead and Missy Wolf. Smith will talk about his new podcast he’ll launch this summer, along with world premiering footage of his final live performances from 2019’s This Could Be It Tour

“If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy,” said Smith. “And if they don’t find you handy, they should at least find you at i65 LIVE.”

Artists & organizations rally to host FREE i65 LIVE fan “watch parties” via social media
Thanks to its many supporters and contributors already, i65 LIVE will stream FREE to fans at i65Live.com and via more than 25 different social media channels including Facebook LIVE, YouTube LIVE, Instagram TV, and Twitch.TV. “Watch Parties” are already scheduled among various Facebook LIVE pages including Comedian Red Green (@RedGreen), RFD-TV (@officialRFDTV), Center Stage Magazine (@centerstagemag), and many others. The full list of supporters and broadcast partners can be found at i65live.com.

Performing arts organizations, other artists, businesses, and supporters are encouraged to host their own stay-at-home watch parties for your followers by cross-posting the stream. In exchange for doing so, you’ll receive your logo or photo, with hyperlink, for FREE. For more information, or to participate, please email your logo and hyperlink to Jason@i65Live.com 

Why i65 LIVE formed and how funds raised are distributed
With the mandatory swift American response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and current public safety concerns, performing artists, supporting organizations and events all across America have closed, cancelled or rescheduled most of their activities. The livelihoods of many performing artists and entertainment industry professionals were also cut-off or significantly reduced. Given that all live entertainment has immediately shifted to an online-streaming method of consumption for fans, artists and performers must now ask for their support by way of donations and tips, through online streamed events. i65 LIVE was created to support this new reality. 

100% of all sponsorships and donations raised from i65 LIVE will directly benefit and be divided among the show’s performing artists (@50%), the production staff (@25%), the broadcast studios (@15%), and a portion also being donated to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund (@10%). All donations and tips will ONLY be accepted through the show’s website at i65Live.com/donate.

About i65 LIVE
i65 LIVE is a FREE to watch live-streaming variety show featuring an array of artistic performers who either live in, originated from, or perform regularly throughout America’s Midwest and Southern communities. The show was created to raise relief funds for its performing artists, musicians, recording studios and the other entertainment industry professionals whose primary source of income has been severely reduced or shut down as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic. A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to Sweet Relief Musicians fund, a non-profit charity based out of Los Angeles. 

i65 LIVE is produced in collaboration between Center Stage Magazine from Dark Horse Recording Studio in Nashville, and Darkstar TV from La La Land Studio in Louisville. The show is being executive produced by its founder, Jason Ashcraft. 

The show is closed to the public, has a limited production staff, and will operate in accordance with all current CDC recommended guidelines, including social distancing, for preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

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