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“Unmerciful” lauded among The Best Local Songs of 2023 by LEO Weekly

The Snake-Eye Conspiracy EP available everywhere now digitally, and to radio, media and industry on PlayMPE

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (February 14, 2023) – Hard rock and metal singer-songwriter and independent recording artist David “Sailor” Bryant released his new music video for “Unmerciful” today on his YouTube channel (@Warplanmusic). “Unmerciful” is the lead track from his new groove metal music project called Warplan, with the new EP dubbed The Snake-Eye Conspiracy, available everywhere digitally now on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, BandCamp and PlayMPE for radio, media and industry.

Sailor picked Valentine’s Day to release the new video as a creative way to call attention to the mental health crisis going on in the world, and the small population of people who will inevitably spend Valentine’s Day alone. 

“This video portrays a man in a deplorable life situation, who also experiences having a psychotic meltdown as a response to an unfaithful lover,” Bryant explained. “Based loosely around a real-life scenario from my own life’s story, I think it’s a useful visual tool to highlight what can be one of the most lonely days for some people, other than the Christmas holiday season. Especially those who also suffer from some form of mental illness.”  

Lauded by LEO Weekly as one of the Best Songs of 2023, the song features a co-write with another Louisville music staple, Bryan Fox (End of Me), who also makes a cameo in the video that was filmed and directed by Clayton L. Luce. 

“Valentine’s Day. Happy for many, but not for all,” Bryant continued. “If you know someone who is experiencing a similar life situation, coupled with mental illness, I would implore you to help them seek professional guidance before the anger takes control.”

The Snake-Eye Conspiracy Track Listing & Songwriters:
1. “Until We Meet Again” (David “Sailor” Bryant, Jameson Force, Kile Odell)
2. “An Act Against Creation” (David “Sailor” Bryant, Jameson Force, Kile Odell)
3. “The Snake-Eye Conspiracy” (David “Sailor” Bryant, Jameson Force, Kile Odell)
4. “My Fury” (David “Sailor” Bryant, Jameson Force, Kile Odell)
5. “Unmerciful” (David “Sailor” Bryant, Bryan Fox, Jameson Force, Kile Odell)
6. “Save it for the Straightaway” (David “Sailor” Bryant, Jameson Force, Kile Odell)
7. “Deadman’s Hand” (David “Sailor” Bryant, Jameson Force, Kile Odell)

About David “Sailor” Bryant:
David “Sailor” Bryant is a multi-talented singer-songwriter and recording artist from Louisville, Kentucky whose vocal talents have been expressed across multiple genres of rock music. He is best known for his work as the lead vocalist for Century Media Recording Artist My Own Victim, along with several prominent independent musical projects from Kentucky. His genre-hopping approach has led him to forming hard rock and metal bands like Surviving Thalia, SxWxP (Saint Whiskey Prophecies), The Scars of Judas and more recently, groove metal band Warplan

Bryant is also a major creative force and songwriter behind the alt-country acoustic studio project 16 Bones, collaborating with prominent Louisville-based recording artist and songwriter Bryan Fox (End of Me). Bryant’s diverse vocal style and guitar playing allows him to shift from the extremes of his hard rock and metal projects to the extreme somber and down-trodden vocal approach in 16 Bones, where he writes songs with Bryan Fox of abandonment, loneliness, solitude, loss and unimaginable amounts of pain.

Sailor is typically regarded as one of the greatest on-stage performers and front men from Louisville, Kentucky’s niche hard rock and metal music scenes. He’s known for giving highly animated on-stage performances and sporting a tell-it-like-it-is attitude, which became emblematic during his tenure with My Own Victim. As a vocalist, Bryant draws and credits many inspirations from metal and rock icons like Phil Anselmo (Pantera & Down), Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society), Rob Flynn (Machine Head), Ryan McCombs (Soil), Travis Meeks (Days of the New), Dax Riggs (Acid Bath) & Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch). 

Bryant’s latest musical endeavor Warplan was conceived as a studio project and brought to life in Nashville, Tennessee at House of Blues recording studio by musicians and producers Kile Odell (Nita Strauss, Motionless in White) and Jameson Force (My Hero Is Me). Bryant is now working on turning Warplan into more than a studio project which means there are definitely great things from this project on the horizon and into 2024.

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EP Art + Publicity Photo:

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