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The traditional-minded country singer used those struggles — and how he overcame them through faith — as emotional fodder for the songs on his new EP…”
— Sterling Whitaker, Taste of Country

“Whey has really come into his own in the last few years. “Daredevil” shows a depth and maturity of songwriting, and his voice has the perfect amount of weathering to drive it home.”
–Trigger, Saving Country Music

“Whey Jennings is also on a mission to keep traditional country music alive.”
– Duncan Warwick, Country Music People

“ Whey Jennings new EP drips with traditional Country flavor, 90’s Retro Country and an autobiographical honesty that makes you pay attention.”
– Eric Dahl, WZTV Fox 17’s Rock & Review

“Jennings co-wrote all six songs on Just Before the Dawn, putting his flag in the kind of country music he wants to be known for, both sonically and with the lyrical message, with all of the tracks on the record.”
— Gayle Thompson, Everything Nash

“But what Whey Jennings has managed to do is write six really beautiful titles and interpret them intensively and forcefully.”
— Franz-Karl Opitz, Country.de

“In the inexplicable world that is real country music, hurt and heartbreak produce the very best songs on earth.”
— Bethany Bowman, Star News Network & Mainstreet Nashville

“Just Before The Dawn” music video exclusively premieres on RFDtv.com

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Sept. 20, 2023) – Country singer-songwriter Whey Jennings is readying for the release of his new EP, Just Before The Dawn, due out Friday, September 22 by Dirt Rock Empire. Jennings finds salvation and redemption on his critically acclaimed third EP, delivering his most personal, self-reflective and storyful set of songs he’s released to date. With next level production by Music Producer Gary Carter and music videos to accompany the songs, Jennings is proudly carrying the torch of the traditional country sound – which his pioneer Grandparents started – confidently into the future.

Whey stopped by the WSM Radio studio on Sept. 12 for a chat on Coffee, Country & Cody, where he gave fans a sneak peak of the music video for “Just Before The Dawn” on Circle All Access. Jennings also appeared live on RFD-TV’s Market Day Report to talk about the new music and perform “Just Before The Dawn.” Plus, RFDtv.com exclusively premiered the music video, which is also scheduled to roll out on The Heartland Network, The Country Network beginning Sept. 25, and AIM Country Network on Sept. 22 as part of their Your New Favorite Song series.

Jennings has been teasing music fans throughout 2023 with his self-storytelling song releases from the new EP. There’s the rowdy honky-tonk rocker of “Wild Child,” the smooth mellow traditional flow of “Old Country Song” (premiered by Taste of Country), and the cowboy styled crooning on “Daredevil” (premiered by Cowboy Lifestyle Network) which gives the EP depth. However, it’s the raw emotional plea he makes on the title track “Just Before The Dawn,” by far Jennings most powerful song he’s recorded to date.

“At the end of the day, I want to be able to change people’s lives with my music,” Whey said. “This EP gave me the ability to show people that you can change your life, with my life’s stories as the examples. I want to change lives, and that is what I hope for the most with this EP.” 

Track Listing & Songwriters:
1. “Wild Child” (Whey Jennings, Wes Shipp)
2. “Old Country Song” (Whey Jennings, Wes Shipp)
3. “Daredevil” (Whey Jennings, Dylan Cornell)
4. “Just Before The Dawn” (Whey Jennings, Shane Grove, Mark Sucoloski, David Wade, Jerome Desotaeux)
5. “The Woman Who No Longer Feels” (Whey Jennings, Wes Shipp, Gary Weber)
6. “One Together” (Whey Jennings, Eric Caldwell)

Pre-save/Buy/Stream: cmdshft.ffm.to/jbtd
Music videos released: “Wild Child” | “Old Country Song” | “Daredevil” 

About Whey Jennings:
Country singer-songwriter Whey Jennings was born into one of country music’s most iconic family names, as he first emerged in 2012 as another naturally gifted singer from the Jennings tribe. With large boots to fill, the young Dirt Rock Empire recording artist with a booming baritone voice as big as Texas, finds himself with a few expectations to live up to. Seeking to establish his own musical legacy as one of the few remaining torch-bearing country traditionalists out there, Whey can instantly take his fans back to a time and sound his Grandfather Waylon and Grandmother Jessi gave birth to in the 70’s. Whey has two studio recorded EP releases under his belt, 2020’s Gypsy Soul and 2022’s If It Wasn’t for The Sinnin’, both which revealed musical stories of how Whey was coming to terms with a partying lifestyle, knowing he needed to make a change. On his third EP, Just Before The Dawn, out September 22, 2023, Whey shares more stories about his struggles with addiction, finding sobriety, and redemption through faith, family and friends. Interjecting his own modern-day approach to songwriting and storytelling, while staying rough around the edges with an unpolished grit and honest demeanor, Whey’s musical roots run as deep as his family’s name would imply. Whey Jennings has only scratched the surface of what is still yet to come. As they say, what goes around comes around.

2023 Tour Dates:
SEPT 23 – Country & BBQ Liechtenstein / Schaan, Liechtenstein
OCT 07 – Ghost Rider Festival / Brooklyn, Wisc.
OCT 14 – Back Yard Bash / Mt. Juliet, Tenn.
OCT 19-22 – Biketoberfest @ Iron Horse / Ormond Beach, Fla.
OCT 28 – Mitchel Halloween Party / Dallas, N.C.
NOV 03-05 – Lone Star Luau / Galveston, Texas
DEC 09 – Blew Bayou Christmas / Fort Pierce, Fla.
**For Whey’s complete tour schedule follow on BandsInTown or visit WheyJennings.com/tour

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