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Having a variety of voices is important for keeping listeners through the stop set. Equally important is copy that appeals to the listeners peaking their interest through emotion from experience, sounds and music that matches the mood and the emotion of the copy, and voice talent that is superb - all working in harmony to provide your listeners with a reason to react to your clientís message


J. Wood & Associates, LLC Ad Creation Division, under the direction of radio and advertising industry veteran Jim Wood, gives your station access to an individual voice or a stable of voices that rival the best creative agencies in the nation, all at a fraction of the cost of a full time staff.


Whether itís a call to action or an awareness-based message, we mix your listenerís life experience with the notes your Account Executive provides to create copy that will encourage your listeners through your clients doors. (Email us for full commercial and copy samples.)


How does it work?

  1. After we begin a working relationship with you and your station, J. Wood & Associatesí and our Radio Ad Creation division provides you with several voice and creative options.
  2. If you include our copy writing services, we will return copy samples for you to choose from within 24 hours, or at your specified time for review.
  3. Once copy is approved, you will have a choice of voices chosen from multiple voice over professionals. We will cast your ad to be recorded, edited and mastered, and return it to you via MP3 download ready to air.
  4. Best of all, we turn the copy and commercials around for you at the pace of radio - or in about 24 hours.
  5. Our Radio Ad Creation division provides several options for you, using us for your copy writing or copy writing and production department with multiple voices available to you anytime Monday through Friday.
We look forward to talking with you about the specifics or your stations needs and how we might be able to assist you in making your station sound the best it can possibly sound.


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Jim Wood of J. Wood
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Ad Creation division offers our copy writing and creative services to radio stations  adding multiple voices and freshness to your overall sound that keeps listeners engaged even during your commercial stop sets.